Earlier projects

Are you interested in what projects we have completed in the past? Then read below a selection of our previously completed assignments

Analysis & Strategy

In the spring of 2018, THS Consulting carried out an assignment as a sub-consultant to Schenker Consulting AB related to supply chain. In collaboration with the customer, the processes for a transshipment site were analysed. From arrival of vehicles to departure and improvements were identified. The result was presented in the form of flowcharts and relevant timings were noted for the various sub-processes. Flow charts were drawn up partly for existing processes, partly for improved processes.

- Schenker Consulting AB

- Bravida AB

Bravida AB is a company that operates in the construction and installation industry and they strive to be at the forefront with their service and digitization activities. During autumn 2018, THS Consulting carried out an environmental analysis for Bravida.

By giving an account of Bravida's strengths and weaknesses in the areas as well as mapping the competitors' position, decision-making material could be added regarding how Bravida can think about its development in service and digitization in the next three years.

Information Technology

FinEdge Consulting AB has turned to THS Consulting for the development of a computer tool to compile transaction data from fund managers. The goal was for the tool to take in the majority of raw data files in Excel format and compile this for further processing. The goal was further that the process would be largely automated. The program was written in Java. THS Consulting acted as sub-consultant to FinEdge Consulting.

- FinEdge Consulting

THS Consulting was hired by Sprend AB to develop and configure an environment that could be used long-term and easily updated and managed. The consultants hired also acted as resource support by sharing ideas within other parts of the business. Support was added even after the end of the project if problems with the system arose.

- Sprend AB